Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Postcard World Magazine - A Brief Review

Postcard World Magazine cover, May/June 2010 issue. (click image for larger view)

Many of us were disappointed when the Postcard Collector magazine abruptly ceased publication a couple of years back. It left a huge void in the U.S. for those wanting to keep up with news and information in the postcard collecting world. Now the Postcard World magazine published by Mary Martin Ltd has neatly bridged the gap with its new offering in the market place. Its glossy, color format does full justice to the postcard views found within its covers. Some of the regular columnists in the old Postcard Collector are back too, including Bob Bogdan on real photo cards and Don Preziosi on linen postcards as well as new columns, features, and topics such as modern postcards, postcard club corner, and articles on art nouveau, Coney Island postcards, and National Postcard Week.

Bob Bogdan's column on real personal photo postcards is a personal favorite, including in each column some fascinating images, background on the places, people or pursuits pictured, and something about the photographers. The social history captured on these rppcs is revealing.

More about Postcard World Magazine here.
A recent Bogdan column on real photo postcards (click image for larger view)

Disclosure: I have no financial or other connection with Postcard World Magazine or Mary Martin Ltd. This post is not a paid advertisement.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oil-Free Oysters - Oyster Dredging on Chesapeake Bay, Virginia postcard

Oil-free oysters - from Chesapeake Bay, circa 1905-1910. Of course, bacterial infection could still do you in. Do they suggest Gulf oysters be flambe'd these days? (click image for larger view).

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What Are They Looking For?

Czech postcard, postally-used 1938 (Click image for full view)

What are they looking for????

Could they all have dropped a penny on the ground at the same time?

Or are they under starter's orders for the 100m sprint? If so, I predict chaos in about 3 seconds!