Saturday, July 16, 2011

1122 Jennings Avenue Fort Worth Texas 1916 postcard

One of the joys of postcarding is the stories that one happens to come across that connect the past to the present. This often happens in quite unexpected ways.

The postcard above is a limited run privately-produced postcard that was sent by the family at 1122 Jennings Avenue in Fort Worth Texas as a Christmas greeting in 1916. I came across the card in an antique mall in southwestern Indiana a couple of months ago. I listed it on eBay and it sold within a few hours of going onsale. 

The buyer, a Fort Worth local historian, sent me this follow-up message:

" "I told a friend, a landscaper, about this card and he replied:

"...Oh MY God... OMG... I remember that house and EXACTLY where it was because guess what!!??? My swinging door between the dining room and kitchen was the front door to that house! I picked it up off the curb in 1985 when I was redoing my house the first time around and used it between the two rooms because of the glass in it and it has all this cool applied carving. AND, before the house burned and was torn down several years later, a poor kid that rented there worked for me for about three months. I remember the window hood (the decorative "roof" over the front window) very well. How about THAT?!..."

Small world, huh?" 

Small world, indeed.

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