Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bug Light Breakwater Lighthouse Portland Maine postcard

Breakwater Light or Bug Light, Portland Maine circa 1910

The breakwater lighthouse at Portland Maine - or Bug Light as it is known locally - was built in 1855, being replaced in 1874 when the original structure decayed and the breakwater was extended further. 

A tiny dwelling, a wood-frame structure with two rooms, was finally built adjacent to the lighthouse in 1889.

The house presented an unusual and precarious-looking appearance as it hung over the edge of the breakwater on both sides. 

The outhouse connected to a central shaft to the sea below. One resident reported that he was careful to check wind & tide before using the facilities! 

The keeper's house was demolished in 1935 and the light extinguished in 1942 during wartime. Fortunately, steps towards conservation were taken in 1985 and renovations in 1989 and late 1990s saw a relighting ceremony in 2002. 

Click the image for further details on the postcard. You can find out more about the history of the light here.

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